Ruminate This


Episode 21

Speakers: Rev. Phil Dieke

Show Notes

In today's passage Jesus continues to challenge the status quo of the religious practices of his day. It would be easy to think Jesus is attempting to move his followers away from the traditional Jewish practices, but it is important to remember Jesus was Jewish, a Jewish rabbi at that, and he never gave up being Jewish.


With that in mind, why would Jesus challenge the religious traditions? What might he be inviting his followers, and all who listened, to examine? 


Today's passage invites us to take a deeper look at our hearts. This can be difficult, and emotionally draining work. I encourage you to find the support you need as you examine your own heart. Reach out to a pastor, a friend, or a therapist. You are not in this alone!


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Published: 10/4/2019 1:00 AM



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