Events On-Demand
We are pleased to be able to offer recordings from these previous HPUMC events


Special Event: A Conversation in Black and White
Pastors of two leading churches talk about racial injustices and the road towards understanding, transformation, and healing for citizens in Dallas. Watch Now!


Special Event: Lead Like Jesus
Leading in Uncertain Times with best selling author Ken Blanchard Watch Now!


Worship: 2020 Easter Worship
Re-watch our Easter celebration from 2020. Watch Now!


Special Event: HPUMC Launches Uptown Church
On February 23, members of HPUMC gathered at the House of Blues in Dallas for incredible worship music, great fellowship, and to hear plans for our next campus in Uptown. Watch Now!


Special Event: Spotlight Musical Theater 2020: It's Not Just a Song
For the 10th anniversary of Spotlight Musical Theater, we are telling the story of two bands that come together to perform a reunion concert. Watch Now!


Special Event: Spotlight: Short Film Presents: Joyful Mourning
"Joyful Morning" a short-film presented by the Belong Disability Ministry Watch Now!


Special Event: Spotlight Musical Theater 2019: Flight of Fantasy
Flight of Fantasy is an examination of being different and misunderstood, set in a fairy tale land with a king, a princess, a fire breathing dragon…and a big circus scene. Watch Now!


Special Event: The Marriage Project Date Night with Paul and Ashley Rasmussen
Break out of your normal routine, get some great swag, and have fun with your spouse at The Marriage Project's first “date night” at the church! We’ll hear directly from Paul and Ashley Rasmussen about their relationship, their marriage, and how they stay connected when life gets crazy. Plus, every couple will receive a special gift from our church! We want to celebrate and support you in your marriages, and this will be the perfect evening to be encouraged and renewed. Watch Now!


Special Event: A live podcast with Brian McLaren
Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University is one of the 13 seminaries of The United Methodist Church and one of only five university-related United Methodist theological schools. Watch Now!


Special Event: Expressions Academy: Film Presents: Tommy’s Extreme Decision
What happens when you don't live up to your parent's expectations? What happens when your mother swims with great white sharks and your father climbs Mt. Everest backward? What happens when you don't feel like you live up to your family's expectations? Watch Now!


Special Event: Jesters: It's a Great Big World
Travel with the cast to a remote Hawaiian island and the northernmost tip of Alaska where two teams, one a group of presidentially commissioned international climate scientists, the other a National Geographic Expedition team, face dire circumstances. Encountering the unexpected, each team must gather their courage and work together to choose what is right while aiming to avoid complete global disaster! Watch Now!


Concert, Special Event: 2017 Festival of Carols
We invite you to join us for the family-friendly Festival of Carols to enjoy great holiday music and then stay after for festival activities and dinner. Watch Now!


Faith Q's: Faith Q's: Why Aren't There More Women Pastors?
Ever wondered why there aren't more women pastors? Or why most churches have a male senior pastor and only female associates? Watch Now!


Faith Q's: Faith Q’s: A Muslim, Jewish, and Christian conversation
Have you ever wondered about the similarities and differences between the Jewish, Muslim, and Christian faiths? Watch Now!


Special Event: Cannoli
"Cannoli" is an action-comedy that takes us from a pleasant evening at a cozy Italian restaurant to an all-out secret agent showdown. Will Connie Sticky Fingers get away? Will Chef Mike's recipe disappoint the waiter Mapache's refined taste buds? And what in the world is in that secret vault? Watch Now!


Special Event: HPUMC Adoption Panel
Join us for a casual panel discussion with foster and adoptive parents who have lived through a broad range of foster and adoptive experiences. We know what it's like to have an overwhelming amount of questions and have searched for the answers ourselves. Watch Now!


Faith Q's: Why does poverty exist? And what can we do about it...
It’s often been said that the opposite of faith is not doubt, but certainty. Faith includes questions; it does not deny them. Watch Now!


Special Event: Jesters 2017 Performance: City of Heroes
Conceiving the script in early September, under constant bombardment of TV news about the U.S. presidential election and Syrian refugee crisis, the cast proposed some heavy themes, such as immigration, segregation, the role of the police, the media, and the idea of sacrifice. At the same time, many of the cast wanted to try out having super powers. Who doesn’t? Each cast member ultimately made their own choice whether to be a villain, a super hero, or an everyday person. They chose their super power and/or occupation. The plot grew organically from the characters and their jobs or powers. Much of the dialogue was written or developed by the cast during improvisations. Watch Now!


Special Event: Marriage Quarterly with Paul & Ashley Rasmussen
HPUMC Senior Minister Rev. Paul Rasmussen, and his wife Ashley, share how they met and answer questions about their marriage during February's Marriage Quarterly. Watch Now!


Concert: Festival of Carols (2016)
A Youth Choir Christmas Concert Watch Now!


Special Event: Mark Batterson "The Power of a Single Prayer"
Mark is a New York Times Best Selling Author and Lead Pastor at National Community Church in Washington, DC. Watch Now!


Faith Q's: What is the role of the Faith Community in Domestic Violence?
Join the Genesis Faith Community Coalition and Highland Park United Methodist Church for an interactive panel discussion on the faith community's response to domestic violence, and learn how you can become an agent of change within your own faith community. Watch Now!


Faith Q's: What does it mean to lead as a Christian?
What does it mean to lead as a Christian? This is a question many of us have in the homelife, the work life, and everyday life. Watch Now!