Special Event: Jesters: It's a Great Big World
Event Date: 2/18/2018

Act 1

Act 2

In early September the TV news was all about hurricanes hitting Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico. Along with the rest of the U.S., the Jesters actors saw pictures of the devastation and heard about heroic acts that were occurring daily as people pulled together to help each other. When the cast first met to brainstorm, they wanted to lift up the concept of helping each other in times of emergency. Climate change came up as a concern, as well as national politics. On the flip side of our serious discussions, several cast members wanted to go to Hawaii (who doesn’t?), and one player, in particular, is fascinated with Sasquatch and managed to work it into every scene concept.

We pulled these seemingly incompatible ideas into It’s a Great Big World. It is the near future. Our newly elected female president is ready to save the planet from a global warming catastrophe. Meanwhile, a National Geographic Exploration team is about to visit the closed island of Kaho’olawe, a real Hawaiian island that was used for target practice during World War II. Travel with us to learn about courage and selflessness… and make sure you get on the right plane.