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Faith Q's: Why Aren't There More Women Pastors?
Ever wondered why there aren't more women pastors? Or why most churches have a male senior pastor and only female associates? Watch Now!


Faith Q’s: A Muslim, Jewish, and Christian conversation
Have you ever wondered about the similarities and differences between the Jewish, Muslim, and Christian faiths? Watch Now!


Why does poverty exist? And what can we do about it...
It’s often been said that the opposite of faith is not doubt, but certainty. Faith includes questions; it does not deny them. Watch Now!


What is the role of the Faith Community in Domestic Violence?
Join the Genesis Faith Community Coalition and Highland Park United Methodist Church for an interactive panel discussion on the faith community's response to domestic violence, and learn how you can become an agent of change within your own faith community. Watch Now!


What does it mean to lead as a Christian?
What does it mean to lead as a Christian? This is a question many of us have in the homelife, the work life, and everyday life. Watch Now!