Next Steps

Finding the website for HPUMC Online was your first step toward becoming a part of our campus. Yay, you! But, as the saying goes, “you get out what you put in.”

Below you’ll find multiple ways to get involved in our campus. Your next step may be joining us for one of our worship services. Or maybe you’d prefer to step into a Bible study.

Whatever your next step, we hope it will be one of many you take toward becoming an active part of our campus and a deeply devoted follow of Jesus Christ.

Here are some options for your next step:

A powerful blend of preaching, modern praise and worship music, creative design, and a casual, friendly environment.
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Powerful preaching, beautiful organ music, inspiring hymns, and a full choir in a historic, sacred space.
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Social Media:
As an online campus, we view social media as a way to stay connected with one another. Unlike a physical church campus, you probably won’t bump into your church family at the grocery store or when you’re at work. Social media is the opportunity to “bump into” your church family between weekly worship gatherings.  
Bible Study:
Our weekly Bible study allows folks to connect on a deeper, more intimate level no matter where they are located, while also growing in their knowledge and understanding of the Bible.
Small Group:
We are designed to be in relationship. Life is better that way. So is our faith. Jesus gathered people around him, asked them to pray with him, had meals with them, traveled with them. We believe small groups provide a unique opportunity to be in relationship with others as you process life and faith.  In a small group setting you grow personally, but also in your bond with others in our online community.

Connects us to God and one another.
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“Where your money is …
Being generous is a part of what it means to be a follower of Jesus. We recognize that what we have is not really ours, and that when we let things go, it actually releases the pressure and hold they have on our lives. 

So give somewhere. If it’s to the ministry you are a part of here, know that your gift will go directly back into the work done in the name of Christ. 
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