Serve Together


Serve with HPUMC Online

Jesus came not to be served but to serve us, and called us to do the same for one another. There are many ways you can serve where you are in the name of Christ – if you’re doing it because Christ loves you, then you are serving in Christ’s name!

Here are a few ideas that Dallas folks are participating in that you can, too.

Ways you can serve others

  • Collect coats, gloves, shoes, scarves and hats (or other climate appropriate clothing) and donate them to a local children’s home, or home for the elderly, remembering that Christ commanded us to clothe the naked.
  • Donate time and non-perishable items to a local food pantry, knowing that Christ offers us his own body as nourishment and calls us to feed the hungry.
  • Find a gift drive and purchase a special gift for a child in need, remembering that it is more blessed to give than receive.