Directors Notes

At 74 years, Patricia Gibson is our oldest cast member. She reminds me every Saturday that we are in our 10th year of making theater together. This summer, I couldn’t imagine how our cast of 25 would come up with yet another fresh idea, but here we are. The cast was adamant about dedicating the show to John Huff, our former actor/singer/dancer who passed away last year. John loved to write lyrics and worked closely with our composer, George Gagliardi, to write ballads about love and longing. John was great at finding rhymes and he put his heart into each song. Sometimes he wrote more songs than we could fit into the show. In remembrance of John, our show this year is about songwriters and making music. But always with an eye to current events, several in the cast, both men and women, wanted to share their views about treating women with respect. Abby said, “Because I’m Down Syndrome, some people treat me like a child and some men call me 'baby.' I’m a full-grown woman and I deserve respect.” Indeed, everyone deserves respect, and here we make sure everyone gets a chance to be heard.

Scene Order

Scene 1: The Fans Love Arrow Plane

Scene 2: WEQL Newscaster, Arrow Plane Comeback

Scene 3: Arrow Plane Meets the Pyxie Styx

Scene 4: Billy Jones is Stuck

Scene 5: Pyxie Styx Write

Scene 6: Fans Dance

Scene 7: The Missing Baby

Scene 8: Say It With A Song

Scene 9: Newscaster Reports Unequal Pay

Scene 10: We Need the Song Now!

Scene 11: Make Your Move & Commander


Scene 12: Arrow Plane Finds the Song

Scene 13: News Interview

Scene 14: Rhonda Learns A Lesson

Scene 15: The Concert


Special Needs Ministry at HPUMC

“With one mind and one voice we glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.”
Romans 15:6

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The Feast

A welcoming weekly worship service for those with special needs, their families and friends, and all who have a heart for special needs. Sundays at 5:00 pm.

Kingdom Singers

Our new special needs choir for all ages where we sing, play instruments and dance to beautiful music. Rehearsals are Sundays at 4:00 pm with performances at The Feast.

The Walk

A class that offers participants a chance to grow in their faith, while enjoying fellowship. Multiple classroom settings accommodate individuals of all ages, interests, and abilities. Sundays at 9:30 am.


A theatrical performance opportunity for teens (16+) and adults with special needs with rehearsals from September to February, concluding in a two-night performance. We hope you enjoyed the show!

Night OWLS (Out With Loving Sitters)

A respite program for families who have children with special needs and their siblings (to age 13). Held the rst and third Friday of the month.


A spiritual and leisure enrichment group for teens (13+) and adults with special needs. Held the second Tuesday of the month.

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