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Directors Notes

What do we do when we see someone behaving in an atypical way, maybe coughing too much in a movie, or moving slower than everyone else in line at the store? How do we feel when we are the person who is coughing too much, or moving slower than the crowd, maybe causing an inconvenience to others?

Flight of Fantasy is an examination of being different and misunderstood, set in a fairy tale land with a king, a princess, a fire breathing dragon…and a big circus scene. Why a circus scene? The movie, The Greatest Showman, a fictionalized story about the creation of P.T. Barnum's circus, serves as inspiration for the circus scene within the musical. Many cast members were inspired by the movie's story about people with atypical appearances finding a home together and discovering their talents. Our cast wanted to explore the circus characters and enjoy the feelings of triumph and solidarity those characters felt in the movie. 

Like most fairy tales, ours is set in a magical world of wonder occurring in an indeterminate time in the past. But, unlike most fairy tales, there are no clear heroes or villains in Flight of Fantasy. Our cast are characters that are searching to belong and experience the exquisite beauty of self-acceptance.

Scene Order

Scene 1: World of Make Believe

Scene 2: Portrait Catches Fire

Scene 3: Hiring the Circus

Scene 4: Birthday Song

Scene 5: The Circus

Scene 6: One Man Band

Scene 7: Dianas and Tent Fire

Scene 8: Hose is Too Short

Scene 9: Campfire


Scene 10: Our Tale So Far

Scene 11: Breathe

Scene 12: Divers Arrive

Scene 13: Tell Her Story Finale


Special Needs Ministry at HPUMC

“With one mind and one voice we glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.”
Romans 15:6

For more information about our ministry and serving opportunities contact Cheryl Vandiver at 214.523.2209 or .

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The Feast

A welcoming weekly worship service for those with special needs, their families and friends, and all who have a heart for special needs. Sundays at 5:00 pm.

Kingdom Singers

Our new special needs choir for all ages where we sing, play instruments and dance to beautiful music. Rehearsals are Sundays at 4:00 pm with performances at The Feast.

The Walk

A class that offers participants a chance to grow in their faith, while enjoying fellowship. Multiple classroom settings accommodate individuals of all ages, interests, and abilities. Sundays at 9:30 am.


A theatrical performance opportunity for teens (16+) and adults with special needs with rehearsals from September to February, concluding in a two-night performance. We hope you enjoyed the show!

Night OWLS (Out With Loving Sitters)

A respite program for families who have children with special needs and their siblings (to age 13). Held the rst and third Friday of the month.


A spiritual and leisure enrichment group for teens (13+) and adults with special needs. Held the second Tuesday of the month.

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