How HPUMC Online kept me connected after the birth of my daughter

How HPUMC Online kept me connected after the birth of my daughter
Written by Leslie Watson

Every mother knows that life with a newborn is like riding a roller coaster.

You feel every type of emotion, coupled with sleep deprivation, all while trying to recover physically from birth. Especially for a first time mom, everything was so new.

In the midst of this, the thought of attending church left me feeling overwhelmed.

Instead of feeling pressured to attend in person, we were able to join worship virtually, through HPUMC’s online campus. While we navigated this exciting and challenging new chapter, HPUMC Online allowed us to stay connected to our church family, without physically being present.

Even though we couldn’t be with our church family in person, they were not absent from our lives.

We saw friends from The Knot, our Sunday Morning Class a lot the first two months after Channing arrived. Some came to greet us in the hospital, while others delivered meals for us. Their kindness was just another example of how our church extends beyond the walls at 3300 Mockingbird.

While we missed being physically present in worship, we knew it wouldn’t be long before we would be able to return.

Worshipping online was such an amazing way to stay connected for the short time we couldn’t be there in person.

I’m so grateful for the online ministry and the impact it had in our lives, during this new season of parenthood.