HPUMC Launches New Online Worship Community

HPUMC Launches New Online Worship Community
Written by Alex Johnston

As Highland Park United Methodist Church celebrates its 100th year, it’s launching a brand new campus. But you won't find it in a new zip code, or even a new building. Instead, the new ”HPUMC Online” will focus on connecting people from all over to worship and fellowship online.

“As a 100-year-old church, we have seen things come and go. But one of our core values throughout the years is offering multiple styles of worship,” says Rev. Elizabeth Moseley, one of two online campus pastors for HPUMC Online. “We meet people where they are.”

Rev. Moseley serves as the Senior Associate Minister of Discipleship at HPUMC. Together Rev. Moseley and Rev. Phil Dieke, leader of HPUMC’s College and Young Adult Ministry, will be taking on the role of Online Campus Pastors. Both are tasked with building the online community, hosting Bible studies, as well as connecting people to small groups and serving opportunities.

“Our goal is to get people involved beyond worship,” says Rev. Dieke.

The new online campus will feature live broadcast options for multiple styles of worship. Both Rev. Dieke and Rev. Moseley plan on utilizing tools like Skype, Facebook, and Google Hangouts to personally interact and connect with the people of HPUMC Online. Participants will also be encouraged to engage in local and global mission opportunities.

In addition to reaching out to those already connected to HPUMC, who for whatever reason may not be able to physically make it to church, the online campus will also connect to those around the Metroplex, who may want to experience what HPUMC is like before they visit.

“This could be the first step in your relationship with the church.” says Rev. Dieke. “This is going to reach a whole different demographic that may not be ready to step foot in a church.”

The online campus will also reach out to the global audience, to those who may never be able to attend HPUMC in person.

“We believe in a God who sends the Holy Spirit to be with us,” adds Rev. Moseley, “and that idea is exactly what we are trying to do with the online community. The Holy Spirit is God’s presence with us no matter where we are.”

Ultimately, the goal of HPUMC Online aligns with the church’s overall mission statement: To help people become deeply devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

“We’re trying to help anybody,” says Rev. Moseley, “to help anybody, anywhere, deepen their relationship with God.”

“For some people, HPUMC Online will be their home church,” says Rev. Dieke. “They may become a house leader for a small group that gets together to worship together.”