Things Jesus Says About Service

Things Jesus Says About Service
Written by Rev. Elizabeth Moseley

Jesus and his disciples were known for seeking out the poor, the lost, and the lonely, and treating them like sons and daughters. They served meals, washed feet, and many times just simply spent time listening to and loving people. Mostly, Jesus left people he encountered better than how he found them. And he told his followers to do the same.

Seek to Be Known for How Well You Serve and Love Others

So, as Christ followers and members of the church, we commit ourselves to serve as Jesus did. In a culture that tells us to demand being served well, we seek to be known for how well we serve and love others. Some of us are excellent hosts; some have a heart for the elderly; some of us are teachers, artists, or experts in business.

We are all called to use these unique gifts from God to make others better physically, emotionally, or spiritually. When we serve others with our God-ordained gifts and talents, we tap into the power of the Holy Spirit and are part of changing the world in the name of Christ.

We experience change within our own hearts, while getting to see change in the hearts of those we serve. We were designed to live lives defined by how we serve and love others, and when we live how we were designed, we get a glimpse of what the kingdom of God truly looks like.

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