100 Years in the Making


Yes, you read that right. Highland Park United Methodist Church is 100 years old. But we're not your average centenarian. We like to travel, play competetive Catan and even enjoy using a computer for something other than solitaire!

We've seen a lot of progress over the years. But from the invention of the automobile to the dawn of the internet, one thing has remained constant – we need to meet people where they are.

We're not interested in doing things "the way they've always been done." That's why we offer multiple styles of worship and, ultimately, why this site was created.

HPUMC Online is the next chapter in how we do ministry. We believe it's essential to the future our mission; to help people become deeply devoted followers of Christ.

So, get excited, and get involved. We're an old church, but we're not doing things the same old way.

Built for You


HPUMC Online is a community built for you, and we're glad you're here.

We created this online environment so you can experience multiple styles of worship, request prayer, connect with a community, and serve others, wherever you are. HPUMC Online is a church built on connectivity, not geography.

The ministry of HPUMC Online has a lot to offer, and getting involved is easy. If you have any questions or if we can pray for you, let us know. Connect with us on social media, too.