HPUMC Online, Building Christian Community around the World.

HPUMC Online, Building Christian Community around the World.
Written by Drew Mills

A church built on connectivity. Not geography.

As we celebrate 100 years as a church, we as a congregation look at how we can forge new ways to reach people with the good news of Jesus Christ. One of these ways is through a new initiative, HPUMC Online.

We know that church is not simply a place we meet but a community we live in, and HPUMC Online embodies this. Almost everything that is offered at the physical campus is online. Live streaming sermons, small groups, and service opportunities are all available without stepping inside the building. Now members, regular attendees, and those around the world can actively participate in worship and community whether they are on vacation or living outside of the Dallas area.

As of January 2016, HPUMC Online has reached people in 56 countries and 49 states, missing only Wyoming. If anyone knows a Wyomingite looking for a church, go ahead and direct them here!

Rev. Elizabeth Moseley and Rev. Phil Dieke foster community and run small groups and the Facebook group, where open discussions take place. The users of this offering are from all different walks of life, near and far. Some are regular attenders that are travelling or in the hospital, while some haven't ever stepped foot on the physical campus.

Here are a few of their stories that we will be highlighting further in the coming weeks.

Debra lives just north of the Metroplex


Debra lives in Tom Beam, a small town near Sherman, and was unable to find a community there to worship with in-person. She found out about HPUMC and began attending online. She is one of the most plugged in and passionate users, actively engaging in conversation on the Facebook group.

Leslie moved away, came back, and then had a baby


Leslie was raised in the Methodist church and has attended HPUMC for the past eight years. For two of them, she and her husband lived in Chicago and were unable to find a church home. One morning, they decided to try HPUMC Online and it ended up feeling like home.  After those two years, they moved back to Dallas and attended in person again. Having just had their first child, HPUMC Online allowed them to join their church in Worship on mornings when they've been unable to attend in-person.

Katie and Cameron are dating but live in separate states

Katie and Cameron

Katie and Cameron grew up in Dallas and recently graduated from The Ohio State University. While Cameron currently works in Dallas, Katie is in Medical School in Alabama. HPUMC Online allows them to worship together and attend the same online small group. By staying connected to their church online, they are both able to grow closer to God and each other.

Daniel discovered HPUMC while working in Dallas and still stays connected back at home in Germany


Daniel discovered HPUMC by asking a bouncer at a local Dallas bar if there were any good churches nearby. He was very involved while he lived here in Dallas and now worships online every week from his homeland of Germany. He is in the process of helping develop a small group with people in his timezone.

Freddy discovered HPUMC Online after moving from Ghana to Finland


Freddy moved from Ghana to Finland for his studies in General Toxicology and Environmental Health Risk Assessment at the University of Eastern Finland. After growing up at a Methodist church in his hometown of Sekondi, he was unable to find a similar community in Finland. After searching Google, he found HPUMC Online and has since joined us in Worship every Sunday.

All of these people have grown in their faith through the ministry of HPUMC Online.

Whether it's being able to attend while far away from Dallas, or being unable to attend periodically due to travel or significant life events, HPUMC Online allows our church to have a greater impact on the world for God.

If you know anyone who is looking for a place to worship, we invite you to point them to hpumconline.org.