Meet Katie and Cameron

Meet Katie and Cameron
Written by Katie Blodgett

While I was in college, church was something that I wanted to make a priority, but it always ended up falling to the side for something else I had going on. I first started looking for a place to worship with my boyfriend, Cameron. We tried a couple different churches, but nothing felt like home.

On a cold Easter morning, we decided it might be best to look for an online broadcast. Being from Dallas, we both knew about Highland Park United Methodist Church, but neither of us had ever attended a service. We went to the website and stumbled upon the online ministry and thought we would give it a shot.

After hearing Rev. Rasmussen’s sermon, we knew this was the church we were looking for. Rev. Rasmussen hooked us with his reliability. He has a way of speaking to all ages and all walks of life, making his sermons relatable, relevant, and real. Even though I was watching online, I felt like he was speaking directly to me.

We looked forward to watching every week following that Easter. We couldn’t wait to be back in Dallas to finally attend HPUMC in person.

Both of us moved back to Dallas after graduation. We loved being able to finally see the beautiful Sanctuary in person. After stepping inside the church for the first time, we were overwhelmed with the kindness and warmth we received from everyone we met. It was a surreal experience; even another member sitting next to us in the pews welcomed us to the church community. It finally felt like we had found what we had been looking for in a church.

After a few services we decided to join. It was a very exciting moment for both us. Not long after we joined, Cameron was baptized and began looking for opportunities to serve.

At the end of the summer, I moved back to Alabama to finish Medical School. Cameron, meanwhile, would be staying in Dallas to work. Because of HPUMC’s online campus, we were able to stay connected through church even though we were in different locations. While Cameron continued to worship in the Sanctuary, I watch online.

While I feel as if my person faith has grown tremendously since beginning my journey at HPUMC, I also feel as if our faith as a couple has grown. Together we have taken meaningful steps toward our relationship with God. HPUMC Online gives us a spiritual connection that allows us to discuss a common thread each week, even though we live so far away from each other. We may not share the same day-to-day experiences, but the faith journey we are on is the same.